Opera Magazine review: The Turn of the Screw

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Reviewing the release of The Turn of the Screw on DUX CD from the 2015 Beethoven Festival in Warsaw, George Hall writes,

“Singing the Prologue and Peter Quint, Eric Barry offers a clean, clear tenor, free lyricism and excellent diction; he finds an unearthly and haunting quality for his melismatic summons to Miles in the nocturnal garden.”


Nominated for 2016 Opera Album of the Year!!

•November 25, 2015 • 3 Comments

I’m thrilled to announce that my latest opera recording of Benjamin Britten’s  The Turn of the Screw has been nominated for the 2016 Opera Album of the Year by the International Classical Music Awards. If you haven’t heard my recording of the opening prologue, you can listen to it here

A handful of incredible albums have been nominated, all of them full of the world’s most talented singers. What an honor it is to be selected out of hundreds, maybe even thousands of recordings for such a prestigious award. Winning would be icing on the cake, but I’m quite thrilled that our hard work has been noticed and appreciated.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!


CD Review: Britten’s The Turn of the Screw

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The Pizzicato Classical Music Journal released a review for my latest recording, a live production of Benjamin Britten’s eerie opera The Turn of the Screw at the Beethoven Easter Festival in Warsaw, Poland.

The review states, “Benjamin Britten’s psychological thriller ‘The Turn of the Screw‘ in an attractive live recording from the Beethoven Festival in Warsaw, with an excellent cast led by Lukasz Borowicz. The voices of the six soloists are homogeneous and go well together. Yet Emily Workman and Eric Barry sting vocally and dramatically stand out particularly well.”

This was my fifth opera album, and one of my favorite pieces to have recorded. Listen below for the opening prologue of the opera with only piano and tenor. The orchestra enters just at the end of this clip. Keep an eye out for an update as to where the album can be purchased.


Singers and swingers!

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Bryn Terfel, Matthew Polenzani, Ferruccio Furlanetto…Eric Barry?  

I’m just one of many opera singers who enjoys golfing. I most recently joined Mizuno Golf’s Team JPX as one of twelve ProAm golfers who have dealt with a number of personal and professional issues with skills learned on the course. If you haven’t read my last blog post, I encourage you to visit Mizuno’s page and read about all of my teammates.  

Golf was a vehicle I use(d) to deal with the pressures of a growing operatic career. For those of you in music, you already know how competitive the market can be. Add to that a number of ailing opera companies (the Met is in serious negotiations as we speak) and the pressure is even greater to give memorable performances that squeeze every bit of beauty out of our being. 

Sinking a putt to win a scramble, driving a ball through a narrow fairway to birdie a hole, or chipping close to the hole to save par are shots that require a similar amount of patience, concentration, and faith that months and years of practice will come together in that exact moment to complete the task. Compare that to the preceding line to an aria’s high-C or melismatic phrase that is so difficult. Both the shot and music have been practiced tirelessly for years (in most cases). There comes a point where one has to simply believe in their own ability, and let ‘er rip without overthinking the situation. Overthinking. After a certain point, overthinking is a hindrance, and this took years for me to figure out, both on the course and on the stage.


Every ball I hit is an opportunity to simulate the moment the emotional process I have before an important musical passage. Using this process over time has allowed me to overcome performance anxiety. Replicating those stressful situations in a non-stressful way (e.g. a round of golf) has proven to be a great success for me. I encourage you to do the same. At the very least it’s wonderful to spend a few hours on a beautifully landscaped course, soaking up vitamin D, and enjoying a hand-cramping cold beverage on a warm summer day.

Playing Famously with Mizuno Golf on Team JPX!

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I’m incredibly excited to announce a new collaboration with Mizuno Golf. Today I’m officially the newest member of Mizuno’s Team JPX. It’s no secret that I’ve enjoyed golfing my whole life, but did you know it helps me as an opera singer too? Read all about it on Mizuno’s website!!


Enchanting ‘Barter’ Enraptured

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Here is the opening review for The Bartered Bride with Boston Midsummer Opera. The Boston Musical Intelligencer at http://www.classical-scene.com says:


“The lead roles, Jeník (the bartering fiancé) and Mařenka (the bartered bride) played by Eric Barry and Nicole Percifield respectively, were precious and convincing. Eric Barry’s sound lives just above his hard palate, gliding over a tensionless neck, and soars through his range with the smallest of effort.”

Read the full review here.
Photo by Chris McKenzie

PBS Special begins airing today!

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Eric Barry:  Home for ChristmasImage

If I had to summarize the last year, I can say that it’s been action packed and completely crazy. We have a lot to catch up on, but for the moment I want to call your attention to my PBS special that begins airing TODAY! Take a look at the teaser here: Eric Barry: Home for Christmas.

Be sure to check your local listings. This hour-long special is being aired all over the US (and potentially overseas) at various times from now until Christmas Day. To be sure it’s broadcasted in your city, call your local PBS affiliate and request that this video be shown!  With a small pledge to KACV, you can own your very own copy of this broadcast on DVD!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I look forward to sharing more details about the latest happenings in the near future.